Welcome to the official website of JLE Services Ltd. We are a husband-and-wife team of freelance translators specializing in the translation of Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian from (and into) the English language.
JLE Services commenced its professional translation services in 2009, specializing in translating the languages of the Former Yugoslavia, namely Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian. While all three languages are similar, they differ in many subtle ways, which is why we include proofreading by native speakers as a free part of our service.

Why choose JLE Services? For three reasons:


Rather than hiring one individual freelance translator, you are hiring a 'husband-and-wife team' comprised of native speakers of two unique languages (namely Croatian and English). This makes a crucial difference, because only a native speaker can fully understand the subtle nuances, idioms and colloquialisms that would otherwise challenge translators who are not native speakers of the target language that they are translating into. This sets us apart from most other translators for the languages of Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian.


JLE Services Ltd has so far translated documents for clients in more than 20 countries around the world. Our service portfolio boasts a wide range of specializations including website localisation; legal translation, as well as financial, medical, technical, literary, business, tourism, insurance and retail translations. Our individual career experience has provided us with an invaluable and in-depth knowledge of unique words and phrases connected with business and commerce - making our translations authoritative and comprehensive.


Our clients often comment on our timeliness, good communication and professionalism. Our goal is to always return high quality translations that are as accurate as possible within the client's timescale and budget. We always endeavour to return all translations significantly ahead of any agreed deadline wherever possible. Furthermore, because you are dealing with a UK limited company with its own legal obligations and responsibilities, you have complete peace of mind that all information will be handled confidentially, and all transactions will be processed in the proper way.

What services do we offer?

TRANSLATION is our primary service, and we specialize in Croatian translation, Bosnian translation, and Serbian translation (although we can arrange translations for other languages on request). We can also arrange for translations to be stamped by a court-registered interpreter if this is required as part of a legal process (such as a passport application or an application for a Residency Permit or visa).

PROOFREADING is provided if you need to check or confirm the quality of a translation that has been performed by another translator. Proofreading is normally charged at a standard rate per word, and we can arrange for any documents to be proofread by a native speaker, whether the target language is English, Croatian, Bosnian or Serbian.

WEBSITE LOCALISATION is an area of translation in which we also have extensive experience. JLE Services has been approached to translate web content for a variety of websites. If you are looking to localise your company's website from English to Croatian, Serbian or Bosnian (or vice-versa) you can contact us for a competitive quotation.

INTERPRETING can also be arranged on request at locations in either Croatia or the UK.

To contact us today about your project, why not email us now?
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