Our experience in a broad range of specializations makes JLE Services the ideal candidate to take on your translation project, whatever the subject matter. Here are a few of the fields in which we have particular experience:


We have a wealth of experience in website localisation, having been selected to translate content into Croatian by Wcities, the popular US tourist website. In 2010 we were approached by Goethe-Verlag to provide Croatian content for 50languages.com, a website designed to make learning new languages interesting and fun. We have also been involved in the translation of tourist-related websites, including the pages of an exclusive four-star hotel in Dubrovnik. Because we design and maintain our own websites in multiple languages, we are better equipped than most translators to meet the unique demands of conveying your online presence into the emerging markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.


Due to James' professional background as a legal secretary, JLE Services are better equipped than most translators when it comes to understanding the complexities of legal documents and ensuring that the contents are translated honestly and comprehensively, so as to avoid any potential ambiguity. We have therefore been approached to translate a number of contracts, lease agreements, insurance policies, land registry documents, probate documents, and even police reports for foreign embassies. We have worked on behalf of a number of private individuals in helping them to apply for their Croatian Residency Permits. Such an application process requires official stamped translation, which we are able to provide through our professional associates, with the entire translation process managed smoothly and with total communication from beginning to end.


Inevitably, our reputation as accurate translators has led to our services being called upon for the translation of a variety of medical documents, including doctors reports/diagnoses, EMA compliant pharmaceutical documentation (PILs and SmPCs), autopsy reports, scan results, medical questionnaires, and clinical trial protocols. Our most sobering experience as medical translators came in January 2010 when we were approached by the relatives of a five-year-old girl suffering from Leukaemia. Her complex medical reports needed to be translated as a matter of urgency, as she was being transferred from a Croatian hospital to a hospital in the UK. This experience, like so many others, highlighted the need for accuracy - because the better our translations, the more informed the medical professionals (who urgently need to understand them) would be when providing care.


We are frequently approached to translate documents of a technical nature, including technical manuals, product specifications, and safety documentation. Our most challenging assignment (to date) came in January 2011 when we were approached to translate two technical manuals for an oil pump (totalling 45,000 words) from English to Serbian. As with most technical translations, this assignment required in-depth research into the field of expertise (which in this case was the petrochemical industry) as well as the consultation of various dictionaries and glossaries. However, the translation was delivered on-time and fully proofread by a colleague with relevant technical experience, much to the satisfaction of our client.


The fluency with which we render our translations as native speakers has brought us to the attention of many who require literary translations, including Professor Danko Puskaric - author of the book The Truth About Skiing, which we translated from Croatian into English. This epic translation project required the translation of 95,635 words in total! As book-lovers, we understand the unique challenge of rendering translations into a text that will sell, as opposed to simply converting text from one language to another in a way that will be understood by the reader. We were also delighted to be commissioned by a university student to be involved in a ground-breaking translation project involving the translation of prose from the 16th Century Croatian poets Marin Drzic and Sisko Mencetic, both of whose poetry had never previously been translated into English before (to the best of our knowledge).
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